Volunteer Information

Volunteer Information

The Wentzville School District values parents, guardians, and community members who take the time and effort to volunteer in our schools. Volunteers are an important resource that helps our teachers, administrators, and support staff better serve our students. The District also strives to insure that the volunteers in our schools are screened to help maintain the safety of our students and staff.

The Volunteer Guidelines contains all of the necessary paperwork, and can also be found in your school office.

All volunteers are required to submit to a background check that includes child abuse and neglect screenings, as well as a check of the national sex offender registry. These services are now offered free of charge, but do take some time, so please allow at least one week for the school personnel to process the request. All you have to do is fill out form A and B, and turn them in at the school office…it’s that easy! Volunteers must undergo a background check annually (for each new school year) to continue volunteering in our schools.

Any volunteer/mentor who will be traveling with a student group for an overnight trip must submit to an FBI/Highway Patrol fingerprint check at a cost of $39.05. When registering, please use the code 1774 and be sure to indicate that you are a volunteer as the cost is more for non-volunteers. If you have any questions about policy, practices, or procedures, please contact your school office or the Community Relations Department at (636) 327-3800 ext. 20357.

Thanks for volunteering!

Last modified: Wednesday, 12 October 2016, 2:48 PM