Clubs and Sponsors


Sponsor: Tiffany Loness at 

Computer Club

Sponsor: Mrs. Rose at

The computer club meets on Tuesday mornings. Students learn about different computer applications and software to enrich their understanding and develop projects. Students get to share their works with the class and collaborate with others.

Cup Stacking

Sponsor: Mr. Porter

The cup stacking club meets Tuesday mornings until Christmas.

Show Choir

Sponsor: Cynthia Clark

The Duello Choir is a group that gives 4th and 5th graders the opportunity to improve their musical skills, develop healthy practice habits, and learn to sing to the best of their abilities. We focus on these skills in a community environment that is supportive, nurturing, and dedicated to success.

Lego Robotics

Sponsor: Kristy Rose

Students use programming software to program student created Lego robots to perform tasks. The club meets twice a month on Wednesday mornings.

Fitness Club

Sponsor: Michelle McKinley & Annette Richardson

We are excited that we have a lot of kids who signed up to participate in Fitness Club this year. Fitness Club will be meeting the next several Mondays from 3:10 - 4:00 and learn ways to stay physically active and fit at home!

P.E. Club

Sponsor: David McKelly

3-5th grade. Students will learn about health and fitness while playing fun games!


Basketball Club

Sponsor: David McKelly

4- 5th grade. Students will learn the basics of basketball and participate in fun scrimmages. 

Friendship Club 

Sponsors:  Jaclyn Behle & Andrea Swantner

K-1 grade.  Students will learn social skills and participate in activities encouraging positive friendships.

Social Club

Sponsors: Jaclyn Behle & Andrea Swantner

2-3rd grade.  Students will learn strategies and participate in activities to promote positive social skills.

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