4th & 5th Grade Links

4th & 5th Grade

Computers Computers

Growing With Technology

Typing Test and Games


Free Clipart





Digital Passport

readingCommunication Arts


Math math

A+ Math Games

Balancing Number Sentences

Batter's Up Baseball

Cool Math 4 Kids

Cyberchase Web Games

Fish Tank (Probability)


Great Equations

Grid Game

IKnowThat Math Games


OCSD Interactive Games

Rounding Off

Spacey Math

Thinking Blocks:

Addition & Subtraction

Thinking Blocks:

Multiplication & Division

Thinking Blocks: Ratio

Virtual Manipulatives

The Ruler Game

Decimals Games


Maths Dictionary for Kids

Step by Step Picture Drawing (Shapes)

Robopacker - Grade 5

Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary

science Science

Helicopter Simulator

Interactive Body

(Human Body "Puzzles")

Paper Airplane Simulator

Virtual Lab: Mass & Volume


Your Gross and Cool Body

Master Mines

Build Your Own

Roller Coaster

Social Studies globe


Ben's Guide to the Government

Clue Maps

Colonial Williamsburg

Electoral College Craze- Time for Kids

Capital Penguin

Jamestown Adventure

Lemonade Stand (Economics)

Three Branches Quiz

U.S. Constitution for Kids

Underground Railroad

White House Kids

Quizzes and Games

Race for the White House


Resources for

Native American Research

America's Library - Famous Americans

Truman Library

3 Branches of Government

USA Games -States-Capitals-Landscapes


reserach Child-Friendly Research Sites

Wolfrum Alpha

Kidspace at the Internet Public Library

KidRex (powered by Google)

OneKey (kidsafe search engine powered by Google)

Help Prepare for Standardized Tests brain

MAP Attack--3rd Grade*

MAP Attack--4th Grade*

MAP Attack--5th Grade*

Practice Science Test for 5th Graders

Sample Questions from the ISAT

(Although these questions are from a test used in Idaho, they are similar to the types of questions used in Missouri's state tests.)

*MAP Attack activities were created by educators in the Hazelwood School District.

2nd grade Activities



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