Wentzville Graduating Seniors Awarded Community Scholarships

The Wentzville School District Class of 2017 has been awarded over $160,000 worth of local scholarships during Senior Honors Convocation events. These deserving students from Holt, Liberty, and Timberland High Schools will be receiving their diplomas on May 20th before they continue on with their post-secondary education. Individual amounts of these awards range from $200 to $4,000. “We are very fortunate to live in a community that generously supports our seniors and their educational pursuits after high school,” said Superintendent Dr. Curtis Cain. “I’m proud of these students for working hard and achieving their goals and I’m proud to live in a place where so many good people are eager to help our youth reach their full potential.”

Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship: Bailey Hoenig (Holt), Lindsey Gevers (Liberty), Amanda Barnhouse (Timberland)

Ambassadors of Lake Saint Louis: Alexandra Schulte and Taylor Whitehead (Timberland)

Andrew Norton Memorial Spirit Award Scholarship: Dominique Gray (Timberland)

BCA Scholarship: Andrew Cornett (Holt)

Christine Merkel Memorial Scholarship: Aimee Aubuchon (Holt)

City of Wentzville Water Department Scholarship: Kathryn Dains (Holt), Emiliee Reed (Liberty), Shauna Rainey (Timberland)

Daniel C. Berrey Memorial Scholarships: Hollynn St. Clair and Jamie Rusan (Holt)

Dean Hoekel Memorial Scholarship: Luke Altmann (Holt)

Education Committee – Friendly Neighbors Club Scholarship: Elizabeth Miller (Holt), Taylor Stewart (Liberty)

Hannah Quirk Memorial Scholarship: Alexis Edwards (Liberty), Joshua Estrel (Timberland)

Holt High School Family and Consumer Sciences Department Scholarship: Bailey Hoenig

Holt High School Football Booster Scholarships: Joseph Vaughan and Tyler Hall

Holt High School National Honor Society Scholarship: Jamie Rusan

Holt High School Principal’s Scholarships: Cameron Bopp and Claire Chambers

Holt High School Student Council Leadership Scholarship: Jamie Rusan

International Association of Approved Basketball Officials of Greater St. Louis: Muhammad Alasgarli (Liberty), Lindsey Gevers (Liberty), Evelyn Stone (Timberland)

Lake Saint Louis Mothers Club Scholarship: Shannon Hoppe (Holt), Lindsey Gevers (Liberty), Alexandra Schulte (Timberland)

Lake Saint Louis University Women Scholarships: Abigail Sondker (Holt), Brooklyn Pfanstiel (Timberland), Alexandra Schulte (Timberland)

Lake Saint Louis VFW Post 10350 Scholarships: Hayden Gough (Holt), Evelyn Stone (Timberland)

Liberty High School National Honor Society Scholarship: Bailee Hunt

Liberty High School Principal’s Scholarship: Katelin Rupeika and Hamza Mansoor

Liberty High School Student Council Scholarships: Kathleen Coyle and Amy Paulus

Missouri Bank Scholarship: Dana Whiting (Holt), Evelyn Stone (Timberland)

Missouri State Teachers Association-Wentzville CTA Scholarship: Lindsey Gevers (Liberty)

Samantha Sheddrick Memorial Scholarship: Brooklyn Pfanstiel (Timberland)

Scott Swofford Memorial Scholarships: Olivia Griffin (Holt), Jared McClain (Holt), Elijah England (Liberty), Taylor Stewart (Liberty), Jordyn Armstrong (Timberland), Justin Hackmann (Timberland)

Shelter Insurance Foundation Scholarship: Abigail Sondker (Holt), Muhammad Alasgarli (Liberty), Andrew Mitchell (Timberland)

SSM- Wentzville Foundation Scholarship: Sarah Kenawell (Holt), Kelly Anderson (Liberty), Emma Wilson (Timberland)

Tammy Stratman Brown Charities Scholarships: Kathryn Dains (Holt), Cecelia Peine (Holt), Elizabeth Miller (Holt), Muhammad Alasgarli (Liberty), Una Selmanovic (Liberty), Molly Benne (Timberland), Alexa Maitland (Timberland)

Timberland High School Booster Club Scholarships: Joshua Estrel, Abriana Herndon, Chloe Panhorst, Seth Thompson

Timberland High School National Honor Society Scholarships: Isabel McCarty, Connor Monahan

Timberland High School Principals' Scholarships: Cassidy Eckert, Margret Roberts

Timberland High School Student Council Scholarships: Katelin Bomstad, Brooklyn Pfanstiel

Wentzville American Legion Post 323 Scholarship: Lake Feldman (Holt), Hayden Gough (Holt), Elizabeth Miller (Holt), Cecelia Peine (Holt), Shannon O’Guinn (Liberty), Brenden Young (Liberty)

Wentzville Community Club - Florence Heine Scholarships: Savannah Martin (Holt), Allison McDonald (Holt), Nicholas McClanahan (Liberty), Isabel Storey (Liberty), Justin Hackmann (Timberland), Brayden Hull (Timberland)

Wentzville Community Club – Technical/Vocational School Scholarships: Andrew Cornett (Holt), Taylor Hanson (Liberty), Alyssa O’Mara (Timberland)

Wentzville – Lake Saint Louis Optimist Club Scholarship: Andrew Rotter

Wentzville Lion’s Club – Sharon Garrett Memorial Scholarship: Benjamin Meyer

Wentzville National Education Association (NEA) Scholarship: Geoffrey Fegan (Holt), Eva Herling (Liberty), Taylor Whitehead (Timberland)

Wentzville Rotary Club Scholarship: Noah Zak (Holt), Avery Ingle (Liberty), Joseph Schmidt (Timberland)

Wentzville Rotary Club-Vocational and Technical Scholarship: Andrew Cornett (Holt), Taylor Hanson (Liberty), Alyssa O’Mara (Timberland)

Wentzville Schools Foundation-Rosa Westermeier Memorial Scholarships: Ashley Bone (Holt), Matthew Brawner (Holt), Esther Clote (Holt), Christine Hartung (Holt), Andrew Rotter (Holt), Katelyn Bindbeutel (Liberty), Kallie Fruewirth (Liberty), Emily Gharabegi (Liberty), Alec Miller (Liberty), Nicholas Raphael (Liberty), Lexi Balough (Timberland), Grace Cooper (Timberland), Abigale Huffman (Timberland), Kyle Keller (Timberland), Marina Pursley (Timberland)

Western St. Charles County Chamber of Commerce Scholarships: Cecelia Peine (Holt), Muhammad Alasgarli (Liberty), Benjamin Collins (Liberty), Joshua Parmentier (Liberty)

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