2017 Board of Education Election Results

April 4, 2017 Election

The following candidates were elected to serve on the WSD Board of Education in the April 4th election. Heather Reiter was elected with 3,901 votes (27.80%), Barbara Fine (incumbent) was re-elected with 3,631 votes (25.87%) and Betsy Bates was elected with 3,581 votes (25.52%). Voter turnout was significantly lower than the last April election, with 30,009 votes cast in St. Charles County versus 45.869 cast across the county in April 2016. The results are unofficial until certified by the St. Charles County Election Authority. The new Board members will be sworn in during a special Board of Education meeting on April 18th.

Heather Reiter 

Barbara Fine 

Betsy Bates  

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