November 2016 Recognition - LHS Engineering Students and Boundary Committee

Tonight we are recognizing a group of Liberty engineering students and their teacher, Vince Redman. Vince’s Engineering Design and Development class is a capstone course that encourages students to choose an engineering-related problem to solve. Mr. Redman reached out to his co-workers this semester seeking ideas that could potentially make their lives easier at home. One of the responses came from LHS Instructional Assistant Melanie Willis, sharing that her daughter Faith, who has Spina Bifida, is too small to fit in a full-sized wheelchair. Melanie had seen plans for a "bumbo" wheelchair online that could help with Faith’s mobility. The class immediately took up the challenge and sought donations for materials. They designed and built a beautiful custom wheelchair for Faith (show video)… and it’s my understanding they are looking at building additional wheelchairs to help others like Faith. The industrious and kind group of students has been featured in a news story on Channel 4, featured in a Top 10 by 20 newsletter by DESE and highlighted at the state PLTW conference held at Timberland. In addition, the story we shared on the District facebook page has reached the hearts of over 61,000 people. That’s an inspiring group of students.

Please welcome Liberty students Nick Beseda, Bryan Eplett, Wyatt Lake, Hamza Mansoor, Jimmy Moore, Josh Parmentier, and Sam Schuettenberg along with their teacher, Vince Redman.


We would now like to take the time to recognize a group of people who possibly didn’t fully understand what they signed up for last February. We had 72 applications to be a building representative on the Boundary Committee and these courageous individuals were chosen, along with three community members, and two employee representatives, to serve on the Boundary Committee.

The committee was charged with re-districting our current nine elementary schools, along with the two new schools, to accommodate our shift to K-6 elementary buildings beginning next fall. The committee met six times since March and spent countless hours outside of those meetings analyzing data, pouring over maps and communicating with stakeholders before landing on a Boundary Proposal that meets the needs of our growing district while disrupting the least amount of students and families. This was by no means an easy process and committee members at times did not always see eye to eye, but ultimately these individuals worked together within the criteria outlined by the Board and collaboratively tackled a monumental task. We want to thank each of them for their dedication, their time and their willingness to work together to produce a K-6 Boundary Proposal which will be recommended to the Board for approval next month. A handful of committee members could not be here this evening, but please join me in welcoming those who are:

Steve Brockman
Amy Schnell
Tricia Kaelin
Heather Jones

Angela Blake
Ray Hoelscher

Kim Maronic
Heather Reiter
Mike McGhee
Marsha Sverdrup
Jon Parmentier
Linda Gubera
Harry Corbett
Roy Christell
Deb Bornhop

Additionally, we would like to recognize Pat Speiser from the Transportation Department who also spent many hours over the last eight months cleaning up maps so our lines for each school were precise and accurate. Thank you also to Board Secretary Barbara Fine for her participation on the committee and her updates to the Board. Assistant Superintendent John Schulte had not even officially started his new position when he was volunteered to lead the committee in the spring, so we thank him for his time and dedication as well as Dr. Cain, CFO Pam Fraizer and Transportation Director David Wilson. Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not also recognize Jeff Deters who was the committee member representing Discovery Ridge Elementary until his tragic passing this summer. He was very active in the process and dedicated to making the best possible decisions for families. 

Dr. Cain thanked the committee members for their time and efforts...

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