SMS 2016 Geography Bee

The Geography Bee was held on Friday, January 22nd. Congratulations to our finalists in the Geography Bee:  From Team 6A - Aubriana White, Jack Mitchell; Team 6B - Marshall Wiater, Aiden Cook; Team 6C - Drew Chiodini, Lucas Roettger; Team 6D - Adam Sprock, Caden Moore; Team 7A - Nick Wallgren, Brennan Overmann; Team 7B - Abby Manner, Ben Hostetter; Team 7C - Morgan Timpe, Haley Matheny; Team 7D - Matt Baird, Cecil Bailes; Team 8A - Ethan Markovich, Lauren Young, Tynan Buchanan, Team 8B - Brynn Dockweiler, Stone Hill; Team 8C - Gianna Sansone, Jacob Welsh.  

Congratulations to Stone Hill, 8th grade, who won the SMS Geography Bee for the second time!  In second place was Brennan Overmann, 7th grade, and third place went to Caden Moore, 6th grade.  Great job, everyone!

Last modified: Friday, 12 February 2016, 4:51 PM