Before and After School Program Information

The Chautauqua Program provides a Before and After School option for families needing a caring, enriching, and well supervised program for their children's out-of-school time. Please note, due to security measures all cafeteria doors will be locked and parents will be "buzzed" into the building.

Please note, we require 3 days notice before a student can start our program. The registration fee and first month's tuition must be paid prior to starting the program for all new families. If you are making a change to your child's schedule you will need to complete a Change Form. Changes require a two week notice.

State Assistance:  Our program works with the St. Charles County Division of Social Services.  If you qualify for state assistance please call the Chautauqua Office for further instructions.

Inclement Weather: If there is no school due to weather conditions Chautauqua will not be in session. If school is canceled early due to inclement weather the aftercare program will be in session with reduced hours. Parents will be contacted in this event. Please note, tuition will not change in the event of a snow day. The district will make up these days.

During the threat of severe weather the staff will not be available to answer the door or the phone, they will take the students to a secure area until the warning has expired.

Before School Session: 6:00 AM to start of school

After-School Session: School dismissal to 6:00 PM


Please pick up a contact information card located on the Parent Table at your site. All staff has an email address and can also be reached during program operating times by dialing the Chautauqua phone number and extension.

BooneTrail BTE

636-327-3830 ext. 42265

Jennifer Foerstel-Lead Facilitator

Kathy Cappone

Shelby Harris

Kerry Freeberg

Crossroads cre

636-625-4537 ext. 44239

Mary Snodgrass

Andrea Travers

Patty Hebblen


636-327-6050 ext. 47265

Cindy Bradford-Lead Facilitator

Stephanie Reister

Taylor Bath

Mary Jacobi

Green Treegte

636-625-5600 ext. 43265

Teri Hulsey-Lead Facilitator

Raymond Hanff

Katie Morrel


636-327-3846 ext. 40250

Nancy Hackathorn-Lead Facilitator

Danielle Grimes


Robin Chapman

Mary Jacobi

Peine Ridge pre

636-327-5110 ext. 46265

Michelle Mayhew-Lead Facilitator



Penny Ambrose

Prairie View pve

636-625-2494 ext. 45265

Marie Spence-Lead Facilitator

Dawn Turner

Jill Rodgers 

Discovery Ridgedre

636-561-2354 ext. 48265

Kyle Leonard-Lead Facilitator

Shawnda Turner

Laurie Frazier

Carrie Teeter

D'Asia Green

Tammy Doble

Sarah Jackson

Lakeview Elementarylve

636-332-2923 ext. 49265

Elizabeth McDuffie-Lead Facilitator

Glenda Cavaness

Kaitlyn Powers

Katie Morrell

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