Bus Expectations



1.   Be at the designated bus stop 5 minutes earlier than designated time.

2.   Students should wait on a sidewalk or driveway when possible.

3.   Students who must cross the road should cross at least 10 feet in front of the bus, after receiving the "Thumbs up" signal from the driver.

4.   Students should conduct themselves in an orderly manner, avoid littering, and respecting nearby property, staff and fellow students.

5.   Students should go directly to their assigned seat and remain seated at all times.

6.   Depart from the bus at your regular bus stop ONLY.

7.   Students should go straight home.

8.   An authorized person must be present at the bus stop to receive all Kindergarten and Early Childhood students each day. If you have additional individuals other than your child's emergency contacts, please submit their names to the school office or you may go into the 'Parent Portal' and enter these names under emergency contacts.


1.   Maintain classroom conduct.

2.   All body parts and objects should remain inside the bus windows.

3.   Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited.

4.   Respect the driver and other students.

5.   Be couteous, use appropriate language only.

6.   Students are not allowed to ride a different bus unless in the case of an emergency.  Such arrangements must be approved by the Building Principal or Transportation Office.

7.   Glass objects, skate boards, balls, balloons, flowers, pets and animals are not allowed on the bus.

8.   Students weighing less than 40 pounds should contact the Transportation Office, as they need to wear a Child Safety Vest.

9.   Cell phones should be utilized appropriately.

Last modified: Thursday, 6 April 2017, 4:16 PM