Congratulations to Senior Ethan Rodden who has been named to the Missouri Journalism Education Association (MJEA) All-State Journalism Team. The All-State Journalism Team recognizes those students who have proven themselves to be indispensable to their respective school media; those who are “most valuable players” — whose leadership, energy, dedication, and expertise make their publications possible, but whose main contributions often occur behind the scenes. Ten winners were selected from applicants across the state by a team of three out-of-state MJE members with over 75 years of combined experience between them as publications advisers of newspaper, yearbook and broadcast programs. Students are nominated by their journalism advisors. 

Rodden has been involved in Timberland’s Wolf’s Howl newspaper for two years. He has also been involved in the THS color and winter guard and several choir classes.

THS Journalism Advisor Ida Hoffman said the newspaper has had its challenges in recent years, but that Rodden’s dedication held the publication together. “This year has been unique for the THS newspapers. Newspaper was rough last year, and we had only two students return to staff. At the beginning of the year, due to medical concerns, one of these students also had to leave the staff. This left Ethan to manage the paper on his own. The catch: there were only two other students on staff. So, after lengthy discussions, Ethan decided to transfer into the Intro to Journalism class. That is where he spent the academic year molding nine students (the majority of whom are freshmen), into awesome newspaper staffers, while communicating with the rest of his staff (in a different hour) electronically.  

In his application, Rodden wrote. “My philosophy of journalism is still evolving. The most important aspects of scholastic journalism are accepting others’ opinions, learning how to manage time, and learning how to work in groups. Without these, avoiding bias and finishing the paper on time would be impossible. I strive to reach these goals every day, even though, at times, it may be difficult.”

Last modified: Friday, 19 May 2017, 7:31 AM