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  • General

  • Meet and Greet Follow Up

    Dr. Bishop and Mrs. Armbruster enjoyed meeting our new families. During this Meet and Greet, we gathered information from our families. We want to offer anyone who couldn't attend to also provide us with information.  Also if you attended and wanted to add further information, please feel free to do.  Use the links below to submit information. We are looking forward to this journey with our new families.

    What ideas do you have for the new school?

    Click Here

    Are you interested in the PTA?

    Click Here

    Are you interested in being a part of the transition leadership team?
    This team will work with Dr. Bishop, Mrs. Armbruster, and staff to help plan for a smooth transition to the new school.

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    • Meet the Staff


      Rebecca Kerley (CRE)

      Laura Adams (CRE) Candice Mesnier (CRE)
      Jennifer Theis (LVE) Margaret Reilly (DRE)


      Alicia Casserly (BTE) Anne Phillips (DUE) Rachel Heck (BTE)
      Amanda Llewllyn (DRE)

      Amelia Schulte (PRE) 


      Michelle McKinley (DUE) Teresa Jansen (PRE) Courtney Streicher (LVE)
      Brittney Johnson (LVE) Lindsay Flieg (HIE)


      Amber Daniels (BT) Amanda Zull (HI) Annette Richardson (DU)
      Becky Semrow (CR)

      Barbara Merrill (GT)


      Tracy Woodworth (LVE) Megan Kilethermes (DRE) Abby Rosenblum (HI)
      Cathy Sommerhof (DUE) Jennifer Gorton (DUE)


      Kelsey Sweeten (HI)

      Tiffany Loness (DUE)

      Victoria Barron(HIE)

      Megan Melton (DUE)

      Natalie Whitworth (LVE)



      Marnie Clawson
      Melissa Nutter
      Steve Henry
      (SMS)-Social Studies
      Brandi Goforth

      Matt Hayes
      (SMS) - Band 

      Special Areas

      Hester Menier
      (DUE)- Art

      Molly Ragusky
      (DUE/CRE) Music

      Special Education

      Amy Whitehead
      (DUE) - SPED
      Kylie Hushion
      (DUE)- SPED
      Patty Chadduck
      (SMS) - SPED

      Support Staff

      Shannon Susek
      (DUE)-Building IA

      Jennifer Czarnik
      (DUE) - Building IA


      Kris Hilgenbrink
      (SMS) - Counselor 
      Judy Sagar
      (DUE) Division Secretary


      Ambre Sapp
      (PRE)- Cafe Manager
      Ms. Teresa Rentsch
      (DUE) - Lead Cashier