Topic outline

  • The Good Steward Committee is comprised of community members, parents, and employees and meets regularly to discuss financial issues including cost savings suggestions.


    If you would like to join the committee or have a suggestion to share, please email

    • Did You Know

      • Turning off lights in one classroom for one hour keeps over two pounds of pollutants out of the environment.
      • On average for every kilowatt of electricy we use we also use 3/4 of a gallon of water.
      • One computer left on 24  hours a day uses between $65 and $115 annually and dumps 850-1,500 pounds of carbon dioxide into the air.
      • The number of miles traveled by the District’s bus fleet in a day if driven in a straight line would equal the equivalent of driving round trip from St. Charles, MO  to Vancouver, Canada twice!

      (Information provided by the National Energy Foundation. Mileage information provided by the WSD Transportation Department.)

      • Frequently Asked Questions

        Question:  Why do you throw away so much food?

        Answer:  We must put certain items like fruit and milk on the student’s tray and we cannot donate uneaten items.

        Question:  Why is my child’s teacher never there and the teachers are always having “PD”?

        Answer:  All children deserve to be taught by highly qualified teachers.  Continuous improvement and lifelong learning are key to providing highly qualified teachers.  To that end, the District is required to spend at least 1% of its basic formula state aid on professional development of its teaching staff.