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    The Media Resources Center replaces the existing Print Shop concept with a comprehensive resource for developing both print and multimedia materials for the district.  The goal of the Media Resources Center is to support the educational mission and goals of the Wentzville R-IV School District and provide resource to the support staff in information distribution while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, cost effectiveness and quality of presentation available within the district.

    The priority of the Media Resources Center is to provide quality communications to the student, parents, community and patrons and District employees.  Its thrust also encompasses assisting and supporting administrative and educational staff creating and producing a variety of means to communicate and archive information as well as materials for the classroom. 

    Print Media

    • Building / district newsletters

    • Maintain current district forms, print as needed

    • Enrollment packets/materials

    • Grade reporting materials and related items

    • Maintain letterhead design and provide in electronic form as needed

    • Printed return address envelopes

    • Curriculum Guidelines and related materials

    • Training and resource materials for district staff

    • Pamphlets and booklets outlining district information, special services, programs and events

    • Materials distributed at district level (ex:  Child Nutrition Menus, parent notifications, etc.)

    • Student and faculty handbooks

    • Publication of district/Board of Education guidelines and policies

    • Educational texts (when created by district educational staff)

    • Programs for special events:  graduations/honors convocation, theatricals, open house, etc.

    • Materials that support student organizations (FLBA, NHS, DECA, etc.) except those where the organization will use the material to resell for profit

    • Provide support to buildings with print needs requiring special papers or processing

    • Supervise pick up, accounting and processing of district postal mail and interoffice mail

      District Staff Support

      • Format and design building/department newsletters, informational and educational materials

      • Provide support to building key operators and copy clerks to effectively use their copying equipment

      • Provide training/support  for support staff in software used in production of printed materials

      • Provide assistance in archiving printed materials and preparation for storage on CD/DVD

      • Prepare documents to be distributed electronically

      • Prepare interactive forms and materials for website

      • Assist Director of Community Relations in maintenance, updating and posting materials on district website

      • Provide assistance producing, creating handouts, and refining slide shows and other electronic presentations for informational and training purposes

      • Provide additional assistance to the Director of Community Relations as applicable to information distribution and presentation of the district at community or district events

        Brief Protocols and Guidelines

        • Print not less than 400 of one (1) original

        • Print not less than five (5) manuals or collated resource materials

        • The Media Center will establish deadlines for all design and production projects to ensure that materials are completed in a timely manner

        • All materials submitted to the Media Resource Center will be reviewed for copyright compliance

        • Materials for district/building distribution will be printed after approval by the Director of Community Relations

        • Materials for online posting will have received prior approval by the Director of Community Relations

        • The Media Resource Center reserves the right to decline requests based on the availability of time, personnel and resource to complete the request in a timely, cost-effective manner.




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