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  • Frontier Middle School Counselors

    Julie Marion

    636-625-1026, ext. 33242

    Amy Koeln

    636-625-1026, ext. 33243

    Debra Kerns

    636-625-1026, ext. 33240

    • The Role of the School Counselor

      Welcome to the Frontier Middle School Counseling page!  School counselors focus on three main domains:  Academic, Career/College, and Social-Emotional.

      At Frontier Middle School, we strive to follow the ASCA National Model for Counselors.  This methodology allows us to reach as many students as we can with positive guidance that helps students with academics, post-secondary preparation, and personal-social concerns.  In essence, if there is something getting in the way of a student being successful, we provide tools and guidance to help remove those barriers, whatever they may be. 

      Feel free to peruse our website for helpful tips, typical middle school student behaviors, and other helpful resources.  If there is anything that you have questions about or need, please let us know! 

      • 2015-2016 Agency Classroom Presentations and Assemblies

        Crider Center
        6th Grade: Changes and Choices: Social-emotional coping & problem-solving (5 lessons)
        7th Grade: Dealing with Criticism: Cyberbullying, diversity & acceptance (3 lessons)
        8th Grade: Healthy Relationships: Relationship violence & sexual assault prevention-permission slip required (3 lessons)
        Kids Under Twenty One (KUTO) 
        7th Grade: Emotional Wellness and Coping Skills (1 lesson)
        The Child Center 
        The Body Safety Program (Please note these programs require written parent permission. A separate mailing will be sent to parents 30 days before the presentations are scheduled) 
        7th Grade:  Sexual Harassment and Online Enticement Prevention (1 lesson)
        St. Charles County Cyber Crime Unit   Digital Safety and Cyber Safety 
        6th Grade: Digital Defense for Tweens (1 assembly)
        7-8th Grade:  Making it Through Middle School (1 assembly)
        CHADS Coalition Signs of Suicide (SOS)
        6th Grade: Suicide prevention, recognizing signs in themselves or others (1 lesson)
        • Study Skills


          Learning how to motivate yourself, being organized, and knowing how to learn and study based on your personality are all key elements to being successful in school.  Please feel free to use the guides and links below to help you in your educational journey.

          Study Guides and Strategies                         

          Managing Stress

          Time Management

          Study Break Yoga

          Homework Help

          Organizing School Work and Assignments

          • Test Taking Skills

            Many students have mastered the art of turning in homework and classwork, but doing well on tests is still a challenge.  A poor test score can pull a student's grade down dramatically.  Below are some resources for preparing for tests. 

            Tips for Test Taking

            Dealing With Test Anxiety

            How to Prepare for a Test