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  • Honor Roll Students Quarter 1

    Peyton B, Keyon B, Grey B, Makinzie C, Landon D, Jeffrey D, Kalen D, Samuel G, Spencer H, Jack H, Aaron J, Kenneth K, Alysse L, Evan M, Sean M, Charli M, Thomas M, Sayvion M, Emery M, Addison M, Chase N, William N, Grace O, Bernadine P, Ember P,Seth P, Ava S, Gabriella S, Jonnie A ,Mckenna B, Kaeleigh, Aaron B, Aubrey B, Alyssa B, Zoe B, Owen C, Addsion C, Johnna D, London C, Hoshmi D, Ellie E, Haley E, Travis R, Olivia G, Grady G, Mckinzie G, Mason G, Valoria H, Lane H, Garrett H, Luke H,Jonathon H, Carson H, Josie H, Evan H, Lucille I, Arwa J, Madeleine K, Taylor K, Jack K, Maxx K, Alex K, Matthew L, Lucy L, Savrene L, Evelyn M, Rianne M, Maya M, Cody M, David N, Sophia P, Brady S, Khalil, Xzavier S, Peyton S, Callen T, Anna T, Camryn T, Evan T, Ellie V, Haley W, Charles W, Aydan W, Hunter W, Cheyenne W, Aeryn W, Alyson W, Matthew Y, Alex B, Payton B, Boyd D, Trevor E, Grant F, Logan G, Marquavious G, Allison H, Matthew H, Gabriella I, Ava J, Kyle K, Austin M, Hayden M, Logan M, Ashlee N, Kian N, Vincent P, Zahmya R, Brooke S, James S, Dalio T, Avery W, Hayden W, Isabelle A, Spencer A, Chase A, Jackson B, Caeden B, Carlie B, Ella B, Eleanor C, Ella C, Avery C, Taleigha C, Layne D, Olivia D, Emma D, Sarah F, Gavin F, Preston G, Delia G, Anna G, Isabelle G, Brooke G, Trenton H, Michael H, Valencia H, Autumn H, Reagan H, Eshal J, Jack K, Kendall K, Logan L, Brady L, Macyn L, Kelli M, Mya M, Madeline M, Luke M, Ethan M, Bennet M, Andrew M, Jacob M, Aubrey N, Kyla N, Grant N, Hayden O, Daniel O, Mylan P, Nick P, Isha P, Julian P, Emma R, Taylor R, Jordan S, Ava S, Zoey S, Shellye S, Logan S, Addie T, Megan T, Auden W, Jade W, Hannah W, Johsua Y, Cody A, Clayton A, Logan B, Wil B, James B, Kevin B, Tra'Niay D, Isabella H, Reagan H, Christoper H, Dane I, Abigail J, Troy J, Austin J, Courtney K, Sam L, Kayla N, Sophia R, Isabella S, Caleb S, Madison S, DJuan S, Westan T, Christain W, Haile B, Mason B, Tatiayana B, Karissa B, Stephen B, Caden B, Ethan B, Ethan B, Kayla B, Tyler B, Anna C, Makayla C, Ella C, Kyle D, Teygan E, Lucas E, Jeffrey F, Ava G, Anna F, Ava F, Gianna G, Graham G, Carl G, Akshat G, Sophia H, Matthew H, Ethan H, Katy H, Alexis H, Rynell I, Aubrey K, Kiarah K,Jase K, Anna K, Emily K, Ava K, Allison L,David L, Isabella L, Gracie L, Angelo M, Charles M, James M, Ana M, Sam M, Samuel M, Will M, Joshua N, Sophia N, Nalia N, Logan P, Gavin P, Elizabeth P, Allison P, Maddie P, Emaline R, Manav R, Logan R, Tabitha S, Haley S, Gavin S, Brady S, Evelyn S, Tatum S, Lauren S, Madison T, Aidan T, William T, Josie V, Kirsten W, Abigail W, Josephine W, Max W, Bruklyn W, Kirsten Y, Megan Z

    • Topic 4

      New School Name Picture


      The Board of Education has approved a naming contest for the new Early Childhood building on Hanley Road. The building was purchased through a $4 million Early Childhood Grant from Missouri's Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in June. The early childhood program moved there for the start of the school year in August and serves over 460 children. The contest is open to all WSD students and the deadline for submission is December 1st. To enter your proposed name for the building, fill out THIS FORM and turn it in to your school office or Central Office at One Campus Drive, Wentzville. If you have any questions, please contact the Community Relations Department at 636.327.3800, ext. 20357.

      Click here for the naming contest form!

      • Dream Team

        dream team

        The students at Green Tree are nominated by classroom teachers and special area teachers to the Dream Team.  They display our core character traits of being safe, respectful and responsible learners.  Many of them show these traits on a regular basis and have earned their place on the dream team list.  Congratulations to the following students for making the list for November:

        Caden Q., Julie H., Abigail P., Henry W., Chelsea S., Crosby B., Haley W., Aydan W., Ember P.,

        Logan L., Autumn H., Ava S., Sophia N., David L., Ava F., Anna W., Bernie P., Javier M.

        gator 3

        • Topic 9


          Get to know your Green Tree Staff and the amazing things they do!

                   Mrs. Manian


             Meet Dr. Gillespie!             Meet Mrs. Day!      Meet Abrams!  
        • Topic 10

          Please Note

          Please note that families living in the Green Tree Elementary boundaries that have students of high school age need to check with the Administrative Services Department (636-327-3800 ext. 20330) regarding high school assignments. Some students who live in the Green Tree Elementary boundaries and who will graduate in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 will attend Holt High School. All students who live in the Green Tree Elementary boundaries and who will graduate in 2017 or later will attend Timberland High School.